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"Not All Who Wander Are Lost"

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Love is the only alchemy that transforms people. It should be the only religion too. So become absolutely loving. Don’t allow any corner in your heart for anything else except love. When one is loveful, one is godful.
Anonymous asked: I'm sorry you're feeling down beautiful. You are such an amazing person and I just want to tell you that. Sometimes as much as it hurts we have to speak our mind to let people know how we feel. If they can't respect it or make an effort to try then they don't deserve you anyway and you'll know you did the right thing.


You are 100% right! I’m feeling much better today. I refuse to ever stay negative for too long…just have to let it come and then let it goo. It sucks that some people are so inconsiderate and, well, just not good deep down…but it’s not my place to teach them. The universe will take care of that ;) Thank you so much lovely. Sending you love❤️

elvenwhisperer asked: Hello there lovely, Thank you for following~ ♥


Thank you for the follow as well love! Everyone should check out this beautiful beautiful blog. xxx

ethereal--iridescence asked: I was just wondering if you could give me some insight on something I've been wondering about lately. :) I've always had a strong connection with Rose Quartz. I was wondering if this means anything or says anything in particular about me.



Hello, rose quartz is a wonderful crystal. Many are draw to it’s healing energies. Rose quartz is a stone of unconditional love and infinite peace it is the most important stone for the heart and heart chakra. This crystal brings deep inner healing and self-love. Rose quartz gently draws off negative energy and replaces it with loving vibrations it strengthens empathy and sensitivity and aids in acceptance of necessary change. :)

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