ॐ Amarielॐ
Greetings! Welcome to my realm. Here you will find magical things, fantasy, nature, myth, adventures, dreams, hope, art and if you keep a close eye even a fae or two wandering about!
I was meant for a different world. Would you like to find it with me?
"Not all those who wander are lost."


Men An Tol - Cornwall, England

Mên-an-Tol is supposed to have a fairy or piskie guardian who can make miraculous cures. In one story, a changeling baby was put through the stone in order for the mother to get the real child back. Evil piskies had changed her child, and the ancient stones were able to reverse their evil spell. Local legend claims that if at full moon a woman passes through the holed stone seven times backwards, she will soon become pregnant. Another legend is that passage through the stone will cure a child of rickets (osteomalacia). For centuries, children with rickets were passed naked through the hole in the middle stone nine times.  

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby (via quotes-shape-us)

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I was within and without. Simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.



forest fairy vibes y’all 

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Faeries are not fantasy, but a connection to reality. Faeries are irrational, poetic, absurd, and very, very wise. Faeries say there is nonsense in dogma, and sense in nonsense. Faeries express themselves with high seriousness and low humour. Faeries are resistant to all definitions.

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Falling in love with yourself first doesn’t make you vain or selfish, it makes you indestructible.

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In a forest of a hundred thousand trees, no two leaves are alike. And no two journeys along the same path are alike.
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